Short And Straight To The Finish Highlighted By Tall Crooked Trees


Short And Straight To The Finish Highlighted By Tall Crooked Trees
Micro pigment ink on 14"x17" Bristol Board

Some days are a blur
You woke up at four
You saw your lovely daughter in the morning
Dressed and ready for school
You admired her cute outfit
And gazed at her beautiful face
And wished her a wonderful and safe day
You kissed your husband goodbye
At least you saw the sunrise
You did not notice the traffic jam on the beltway
Nor the clouds
You have no recollection of how the sky looked
All of a sudden you were looking at the barrier gate rise
You knew you walked down the stairwell
And went trough the automatic doors
And climbed the exit stairs from third to fourth
You opened your office door
Surely you noticed the note attached to your door?
Yes you did turn on your desktop
And visually scanned your email
How many inter-office chats there were on the screen
Asking for attention and answers
While you were on the phone?
And meetings
How many changes did you make?
You must remember them for there were declarations and audits
and certifications and closures
There was an emergency meeting to solve a problem
And lots of discussions
There was no time left
Where did you eat lunch?
What did you eat?
Amy Winehouse's Frank album was playing in the background
While you made a change
There was a telephone conference
And a light discussion about the Texans playing on Monday night
Something was broken and you fixed it
You ran down the hall to the elevator well
And Bob laughed at you
And you noticed you can't run anymore
When did that happen?
You used to be a fast runner
You ran down the hall again back to your office
And Bob still standing in the hall talking to someone
 Told you to stop running
From the corner of your eye
You saw a commotion happening by your office door ***
But you were on the phone discussing a project while rewriting some rules 
What time did you leave the office?
What did you eat for dinner?
Who cooked?
Your husband cooked.
What did you do after dinner?
By nine you were ready for bed
At eleven
Your son woke you up
He told you about his day and you told him to look at you
You gently touch his handsome face.
You say goodnight.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
A pet, a hug.
You wake up and get ready for another day
It is only twelve o'five in the morning!
Go back to sleep!
Amy Winehouse is singing on iTunes...

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*** (A fellow analyst was decorating your door for Halloween while you were on the phone. 
She knew you danced to Michael Jackson's songs while working a few months ago.)


martinealison said...

Quelle course effrénée que la vie... Ton dessin ma chère Ces m'époustoufle... J'aime tes arbres qui se courbent, se nouent semblables au poids des aléas de la vie... et ton personnage qui avance péniblement...
Gros bisous à toi

Jess said...

Thankyou for the little peep into your day Ces. Wasn't that lovely that your colleague remembered about the Michael jackson incident!:)
Jess xx

Rick Forrestal said...

Wow, powerful stuff.
Love the trees on your "straight to the finish" piece.
(Funny -- I was just hiking yesterday noticing irregular trees and how some grow so crooked.)
Have a nice weekend.

k.h.whitaker said...

Oh, great trees, love this

k.h.whitaker said...

:D Hope you are well Ces C:

Steve E said...

"A Day in the Life Of...." as only half-and-vaguely remembered by...CES!
You KNOW... *I*... loved it!

This post reminded me of those straight lines and spaces,
paralleled strings on which are written musical notes.

Each of those 'lines' (BUSY, CROOKED, RUNNING, WORK) of this blog are sent
as music written by you, Ces, and the whole day appeared to me as a series of (joined) parallels
coalesced by your own 'poetic' 'log of your busy half-fast-recalled day.
(Please do not speedily say "Half-Fast"...or it will lose its meaning, LOL!)

The more I see, study, read and learn, all the more a remarkable Peep
I realize you are! Indeed, we who come here to enjoy...are blessed!

PEACE and JOY, Ces!

Apologize for use of the 'Peep' word--realize you don't like it, but sometimes I can't help myself.

Shirley said...

Eeek! I think my comment was eaten, Ces! Shoot..sorry. Is it true? is that how these things work..I am so naive. I really really am. I sure HOPE none of your emails gets purchased and spammed. Thanks for the kind words about my card..we'll see what happens. I will definitely keep you posted and I am curious how it'll all shake out. In the meantime, this piece is lovely, lovely, lovely. I don't know how you do all that you do. Not only is it wonderful but your fabulous prose makes me drift away..and it is truly enjoyable Ces. I thank you for your support, friendship and knowledge my friend! Kick me in the behind out of this naivity!

I just spied your recent comment..oh gosh, this is gonna be INTERESTING!!! Thanks for keepin' up on it!! I'm not looking anymore..too much to deal with and it's frankly gotten me spooked!


Rod MacGregor said...

Cool...like the blurred effect gives it depth...nice words Ces...I thought you were saying AMY W. wrote them they were so good.

Curious Art said...

Ces, I'm so grateful that despite such a busy, involving & frenetic work-life, you still manage to focus so clearly on the fascinating contorted forms of trees. As I'm sure you know, many trees become crooked because they are reacting to the chaotic onslaughts of nature's forces: surviving life's blows the best way they can. Their very shapes tell a story of triumph over adversity. And by drawing them so beautifully you have triumphed over your crazy, blurry day!

p.s. Obviously your colleague appreciates your unusual talents too!

Ces Adorio said...

Leah, they sure do and in essence humans are like trees, the bent backs, scars and calluses tell a story. Thank you very much for your visit.

Ces Adorio said...

I wish I could write like Amy Winehouse :) and sing like her!!!

Ces Adorio said...

You cannot let this experience stop you. This is why so many talented artists do not join those competitions. Most of them are popularity contests but your work is so elegant!

Ces Adorio said...

Steve, thank you. It just sounds like that. The reality is far more ordinary and plain.

Ces Adorio said...

I am well, thank you. Have you been busy? Why are so quite over there?

Ces Adorio said...

Than you Rick. A nice weekend to you too and a wonderful week!

Ces Adorio said...

Hehehe. I was told Michael feel off the wall last Friday. I was offsite and did not see him fall.

Ces Adorio said...

Hello MartineAlison, welcome back and tahnak you very much for your kind words!!!