A Heap Of Laundry

A Tribute To Imagination:

When I do laundry,

I separate the whites from the coloreds and dark.
Don't you?

A Heap Of Laundry. Micro pigment ink on 14"x17" Bristol board.
A Tribute to fashion photographers Lillian Bassman, Richard Avedon, and the impossibly original zero-sized supermodels: Dovima, Sunny Harnett, Alice Bruno, Twiggy, Verushka...

My Sunday Drawing Board. Now I know why some couture are so outrageous.
There is no limit to the imagination! It is fun designing clothes!
Trying to draw without my usual 005 micron.


Manon said...

This is so beautiful!! Wow!!!
Btw.... I do separate my laundry!! xo

Ces Adorio said...

Thank you, Manon! Yes, it is great to separate. Doing more today. Sigh.

Rick Forrestal said...

Guys don't always separate.

But we do practice imagination, and love to mix things up.

(Love seeing your drawing board and completed panels. Good stuff.)
Happy Sunday.

Manon said...

Ces, I'm using Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor. I've had them for years and busted them out last week when I was a little under the weather. They blend pretty nicely but *hey* what do I know about blending? lol. I am better...thanks for asking!! xoxo

k.h.whitaker said...

Wow, I love her "laundry pile" dress, you have quite a creative imagination my friend :) I'm pretty obsessive about separating, If I have enough for a load, I'll even separate shades of red from the rest of the darks :O Silly, I know, I just can't help myself.

Cindy D. said...

Ah, so beautiful! Such lovely detail and wonderful starry sky. I hesitate to tell you, I do not separate! But I don't have any whites either! (And no, I don't have any that used to be whites but aren't now because I don't separate, lol!)

Rod MacGregor said...

Great laundry artwork Ces!! A new genre for the gallery...Laundryism! Its usually the daily things that trigger our imaginations!

Curious Art said...

Only Ces can make laundry piles glamorous! I will be thinking of these beauties next time I attack the never-ending mountain!

Lisa Graham said...

A true artist...even your laundry is amazing. !!!

Anonymous said...

It is racist to separate the whites from the blacks and colored.

Ces Adorio said...


Shirley said...

She is gorgeous, Ces! That beautiful "heap of laundry" became a goddess. I wish that would happen to me when I was folding laundry...HA! : ) I always separate..my husband has made it an issue and so, I bleach, etc, and it's all good. I must admit when I am wrong. : ) Thank you for your sweet visit today my friend. I have been overwhelmed with work-work but have had some fun in between with that card design, and working on those portfolio pieces in between being with my kids, reading with them, etc. It's juggle-o-Shirley-rama over here. Hope you have a great week ahead my friend! Tsup!

steveroni said...

Ces, WHO would ever joke about your bald head?
"Where Oh WHERE
Is Ces's HAIR?"

And WHO would event comment on those funny shorts you wearing?
Come on now, the truth--To whom did they belong? Because they
SURE DON'T FIT YOU!!!!--grinning

I do not separate my laundry. Nothing to do with race, color, or creed,
politics, teachers' unions, sex, drugs,etc.
I am just TOO LAZY to do laundry twice,
when once will suffice! (In fact, I'm doing it now, 12:15 AM)
Good night YOU!

My name is Riet said...

Oh yes I do separate but when my children were young I sometimes had pink instead white shirts for my DH. Lol.
I do love your colorful paintings.beautiful.

Ces Adorio said...

What are you talking about? There is no bald head here, no shorts. :) Haha!!!

Ces Adorio said...

What are you talking about? There is no bald head here, no shorts. :) Haha!!!

Ted Blackman said...

Yes, white Tshirts and black Tshirts are pretty easy for me to tell apart. Ask for any more than that and you'll be wasting your time. You see, I'm a guy, and women don't have high expectations of us in the laundry room. I like that. I've also learned how to screw everything up in the kitchen while cooking so I don't have to. I hate to cook, but I will do the dishes, no problem. fair?

I like your segway from boring laundry into beautiful dresses. That's imagination!

Ted Blackman said...

In the defense of a lame joke; you did write 'coloreds', Ces. Typo?

Ces Adorio said...

col·ored   [kuhl-erd] Show IPA
having color.

I don't know why some people have the tendency to focus on the offensive or deceptive meanings of words. Most words begin with a simple definition. period. Let it stay there. They, yes THEY can focus on the offensive meaning and that is their issue.. Colored means having color and clothes having color collectively means COLOREDS in relation to WHITES, LIGHTS, DARKS and BRIGHTS. Hah!

Tammie Lee said...

I LOVE this dress and her body Language
and even though we have never met.... I am quite fond of you ~