I am completely underwhelmed.
Art bores me...
until I find  another one that will hit me in the head
or make me laugh.
I think I will play in the dark room.
Oh wait, there are no more dark rooms, 
just computers and photo applications.
My father, the photographer, 
had a dark room.
Where he developed real photographs 
without computer manipulation.
He knew the camera.
I helped him 
rinse the acid 
fixers from the photographs.
Now I just 
I admire
modern photographers
Tammie Lee.


Deborah said...

Ah, you WERE bored!!! I know that every time you change the layout of your blog! Yes, I somewhat I have the same feeling about film, but even in the dark room, images are manipulated with light and chemicals. I see boobies on this tree. Did you manipulate them? HA! Sorry. Feeling sassy today. **blows kisses** Deb

C.P.Adorio said...

Hahah! I did not give the tree boobies. They are natural. I call it the stalker tree. We were at the parking lot talking and in the corner of my eye, I saw someone staring down at us and it was the tree. I gasped. Of course, I had to pay hommage. I manipulated it by turning it to black and white from color. It was hardly colored anyway. It was pitch dark and the tree ws illuminated by the light post. Love to you. Tsup!

Deborah said...

HAhahaha! HA! They are actually quite nice boobies without manipulation. I think this tree needs a pink ribbon. teehee! **kisses** Deb

Rick Forrestal said...

There ARE darkrooms. They still exist. (Just not as many!)

I grew up in the darkroom. Just before digital came crashing in on us, I had the greatest darkroom ever. Alas, I let it go. I miss it so. But I have some hardcore friends who did hang on, and persist. They've discovered "underground" sources for their paper and chemicals.

I can still smell trays of chemicals . . . the Stop Bath, Fixer. I never used tongs. I had to feel the paper, in my bare hands.
I visit my friends' darkrooms often. I'm happy to say I haven't lost my touch.
I resented going to digital, and today make most of my money in pixels.
But my "one true love" is film.
And I know how to make real photographs.

Just like you know how to make real art.


C.P.Adorio said...

OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!! I know you are a real photographer! I just knew it. Talk about not using tongs, I actually licked the photographs to taste if they still were acidic. We had blotters and paper cutters. I have photographs of myself as a child stacking the cut edges of the photographs and playing with them. They were so glossy. I loved them. Ah. Such a dying art, the manual development of a photograph...My sister kept my fathers old manual settings cameras. They are so heavy...Sigh. Talking about photography makes me miss my father.

I hope you will get your dark room back!!!

Ted Blackman said...

I don't think I ever get bored. I have too many projects and hobbies. Oh wait, I do get bored waiting in an all-day jury pool. And then there's that day of liquid prep before a colonoscopy, when you can't do anything but hang around the bathroom. :( Other than that, I'm good.

Hey, darkrooms are not dead. My brother is building one right now. He loves black and white photography, and even has an antique 8X10 box camera.

C.P.Adorio said...

It's art that I find boring. The art I am acquainted with, anyway. At this point I find the colonoscopy prep more exciting.

So glad to hear about the darkrooms staying. I think there will always be a group of people who will cling to the classic way of doing things. I feel oil painting is just like that. There are very few oil painters nowadays.

Tammie Lee said...

kiss kiss
i love trees
and you ~