Secret Reading Room

8"x12" Pigment ink on 11"x14' Bristol board.

Do you sometimes wish nobody knows you in the blogs? That you can just paint and draw and share it, yet no one knows who you are. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? I like to be like that. I don’t know if it is possible to be unknown after getting into the blogs and making friends. I love my blog friends. I will be very sad and unhappy if I lose a few very special ones. Yet, sometimes I long to be anonymous and free with my art, then I sucker myself into creating online galleries and public pages. What the heck!? Sigh*

I have been thinking of that but I realize that it may be easy to spot my style. So I tried to paint in a different style. I wanted to draw in a primitive manner. I started drawing the animals and instead of making them look primitive, I ended up drawing them like weird creatures and totally juvenile. Then later, I went back to my old style of squiggling. Sigh*

I thought of starting a new blog and be anonymous, forget about this blog and my gallery blog but then my friends may wonder what happened to me. Well the secret is out. I have disappeared and now I am unknown.

If only.