Fading Sheath, Cupped Nuts And The Gall Of It All

This Memorial Day weekend, I am working. Yes, are you jealous of my fun? 
I get to stay in and in between I am cataloguing my nuts. 
This is the second of the this 3-year project.
I noticed something interesting...

Maybe it is my brain that is fading but I think I should be commended for not losing it while sorting through these nuts. 
I call this, The FADING SHEATH:

Chestnut (Castanea sativa) left is fully cupped. The nuts are inside a hairy closed sheath.
Notholithocarpus densiflorus (tan oak) right is a link between the chestnut (genus Castanea) and the oak (genus Quercus) and has a hairy half sheath or cup. They are both members of the Beech Family (Fagacaea), so is the oak.

Quercus trojana, Right! I mean on the left, that is its real name alright, is almost fully cupped! 
On the right is Quercus castaneifolia also called Chestnut-leaved Oak.

Swamp Chestnut Oak on the left is also called Quercus michauxii 
while the Chestnut Oak on the right is called Quercus prinus.

Quercus infectoria , also called Quercus lusitanica has polymorphous leaves 
and huge nut galls 
and a half cup for the elongated nut.

(Polymorphous - assuming different shapes.)

Okay, so what was the purpose of this post?


Ted Blackman said...

Ces, are you obsessive compulsive? In an artistic, good sort of way?

Rick Forrestal said...

I love this.
You're the only person who's ever told me . . .
"this weekend, I'm cataloguing my nuts!"

1. You get to appreciate all this great work -- it's quite an accomplishment.
2. You get to get organized.
3. And I hope you think about a publisher -- cause this is worthy of a book!

Happy Memorial Day!

Ces Adorio said...

I will let you answer that question. Please refer to the level of detail on the previous post's illustration. Hahaha!

Ces Adorio said...

Hehehe. Oh boy. I have heard it all. This week my daughter's teacher said "Please tell your mom thank you for her nuts. Finally I have two of your mom's nuts." Then the next day I was told "Mom, Ms. N says your nuts look good in her apartment." Hahaha! Have a great weekend Rick. That Chinese Lantern festival is quite something else!!! Thanks for sharing.

mk colling said...

Your nuts and leaves take my breath away. As does the thought of what your catalog organizing project entails. It's a blessing that your organizational mind matches your talent, and that, apparently, you don't drink coffee while you're working.

What is the object under the top nut on the right? It looks like a live frog to me, but I doubt that's right.

Ces Adorio said...

Thank you for your generous comment MK. Actually I do drink coffee but this is after drinking and I do not put the cup near the cards for fear I will spill the coffee. That object is a stack of clear protective plastic envelopes for the cards. It does look like a frog. Ack! I am afraid of frogs. Hahah!

dosankodebbie said...

I agree that your nuts are worthy of a book! :)

Tammie Lee said...

i just love it when you share your nuts with us ;-)
they really are quite wonderful and would make an amazing book.

Ces Adorio said...

Thank you Debbie. :)

Ces Adorio said...

Hehehe. Thank you Tammie.

Steve E said...

Your nuts, cataloged, displayed, explained,
captioned and named Worthy of a book? Yessss!

But a book which will SELL is the one which describes
the countless humorous pages, comments, photos, and
nuts-in-progress. Nuts leaded and inked, and photos
of the nut...NO, the ARTIST of the nuts.
WTH! The title itself would make #1 on NY Times List.

Hey--grin! Ya KNOW I love those nuts, and
am the proud owner of several prized pieces.

Good to 'see' you Ces!
LOVE and PEACE to you and all your nutty Peeps!

Bella Sinclair said...
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Anonymous said...

I think you're testing my nuts! Nevertheless, your illustrations are great!

Amiga Mo said...

Really cool nuts.

k.h.whitaker said...

I love it! The nuts, the cataloging, the slightly obsessiveness of it, all of it, because it is so you Ces. It is part of what make you so interesting.

Amiga Mo said...

Testing your nuts!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

You are amazing enough when you create all this beautifulness, but then you take it over the top with this project!!
You are simply amazing Ces. It's awesome indeed!
Love you too darling,

Creations By Mit said...

Love your nuts, Ces! (boy, that sounded weird!) I'm really appreciating the minute details!!