Jan-Mar 2012

Happy Birthday to a very beloved gentleman:
My Father-In-Law is 89 years old today.
Happy Birthday, Dad. 
I love you!

Ah, drawing,
Same-O Same-O
Rocks, Paper, Scissors...

Friars, Monks, Bricks

I feel like I should type some sort of chant or prayer here... I have not done anything this first quarter except draw rocks and more rocks, friars, monks and nuts and more nuts. My drawings have been called many things by my most honest critics. After reading the earlier lists of insults, I am fearful to posts these drawings. Then I realize, I am being arrogant. After all they were insulting artists and writers. Whew! 

To be kind to myself, life has been an emotional hurricane and a tornado of activities. My work continues to be very busy and time consuming. I have experienced painful losses in my life in the past. I have lost my teenage best friend, brother-in-law, my father and mother. I have been through my own epsilons' teenage initiation rites and 17-year hazing but nothing can compare to the recent event of seeing a much beloved sister succumb to cancer and see her die. It has been the most painful event in my life thus far. There is a pain and a lump in my throat that can never be soothed or relieved.

So pardon me if I don't seem like my old self anymore, because I am not.

Rocks, Bricks, Trees

If I did not draw or paint, I would probably be chain smoking, drinking, gambling or taking drugs. There is is something worrisome about this activity. I allow myself to be controlled by it. It's an addiction. The drawings are not really the end goal here because as soon as I finish a drawing or painting and after I have shared it for a day or two I obscure it with another post. Have you ever noticed that? 

Trees, Rocks, Friars

Trees, Rocks, Oak

Oh yes!!! 
I drew over 100 acorn and leaf sets.

Big deal!!! Right?

I need to finish this project. I have at least two hundred more to do... I actually love this activity. I just stopped for a while to appease my daughter who was worried that I was getting nutty and consumed with drawing nuts.

Acorns, Acorns, Acorns
Leaf, Leaf, Leaf

I tell myself to do something different. I end up drawing the same things. I bore myself. That's okay. Have a safe and  beautiful April.


Bella Sinclair said...

Monks trump friars. Bricks trump monks.

Gorgeous achievements in your first quarter, dearest Ces. Please keep boring because you have struck black gold.


Ted Blackman said...

Yes Ces, I have noticed that you obscure your posts with yet more posts, and posts upon posts upon posts. I don't see anything wrong with that, because art is such a positive thing and a peaceful place to go, at least for me. And I'm sure for you.

-but I'm too lame to stay caught up with your prolific post-alot-ness. I'm doing my best. :)

Ces Adorio said...

Ssssshhhhhhhhhh!!! Don't blow my cover. Hah!!! I am using the html code of these summary posts to feed my gallery profiles. Don't trip on your way to my blog by coming back and forth. Just go here: http://adorio.blogspot.com/. That is my blog gallery that gets update every two or three months and no comments!!! It was supposed to be for Google plus but I can't stand the "circle" thing. Better yet, go here. This one gets updated about every 6 months - http://www.behance.net/adorio. No sweat!

martinealison said...

Je veux souhaiter un très joyeux anniversaire à votre beau-papa...
Je comprends la douleur qui te torture... Je comprends aussi que le dessin soit pour toi une planche de salut. Pour moi la peinture fut une ultime ressource lorsque je fus très malade. Elle est mon amie, elle m'a aisée à m'en sortir. Elle m'aide encore et jamais je ne l'abandonnerai, ni personne ne me fera arrêter...
Soit forte ma chère Ces et tu l'es, comme l'a été ta chère soeur.
Ce matin à 5 h 20 mon fils Kevin m'a annoncé la naissance de sa petite Lise et aujourd'hui je suis très fière de t'annoncer cette nouvelle... C'est aussi ça la vie ma chérie, du bonheur. Alors bats-toi, du bonheur t'attend aussi.
gros bisous

k.h.whitaker said...

Wow, I can't keep up with you! You are soooooo quick and I am sooooooo slow. I move at a snails pace it seems and I see it more clearly with your panther like speed ;)