Words With Epsilons - Never A Manque

There's an extra day in the year. How do you spend it?


LUNGS (Beat me!)................. MANQUE (Game on!)
(Aaahhh! She is is not going to like this photo. Look at her onesie. It is all stretched out. It was hot and humid and she was surrounded by strangers in a strange land. She only calmed down in the midst of her cousins or the ducks in the yard. Her brother had already gone native. See below...Oh wait. She loves her photo! She laughed :))

Epsilon II started playing Words With Friends. I am concerned...

"We play at school only at lunchtime."
"Good, only at lunchtime."

We sit across from each other. She is doing homework. I am drawing. She starts a game with me...FINALLY!!! I have been wanting to play scrabble with her. She starts the game...

(Ugh! What the heck! Oh look at her. She is taunting me.) LUNGS
(She scuffs at my turn. "Lungs. Pffft!") MANQUE
(Dang!) JO
(Hah! "Jo") HUMANE
(Oh goodness. I give her pointers especially about reserving the letter S) BAYOU
("Hah! Bayou.") NIX
(Meat?) JUTES
(she smiles) PAGODA
(Eggs me on...) PUFFS

I lost.

It is 8PM. I am in bed. She joins me.
"Okay, so they really are not the same. Are they all oak?"
"Yes, they are acorns."
"It's okay to draw them, but can you draw other things too, like you used to do?"
"Hmn, like what?"
"Like... pine cones or people?"
"I am not interested in pine cones."
"Okay, don't draw pine cones, just don't burn the acorns."

They grow up. Smart. Vanishingly small quantities.