Black Oak

Ah! What's going on? What's with this interactive - not, posts I have been publishing lately, you ask. Not much. It's a personal issue. I cannot leave anything out here just by itself. I am not like other bloggers. They can take a break and leave for weeks, months years. I on the other hand can't do that. I either have to "endorse" something to someone or close it, erase it, delete it. No one wants to take over my blog. Haha! I understand.I promised my sister that I won't delete my blog any longer. I promised my daughter I won't burn my drawings or paintings. So now I am stuck. It's the 29th of February at 1:21 AM. What am I doing up this late? I was working. First I worked late and went home late. Went to bed early but could not sleep and Fate was kind enough to spare me from insomnia, it called me to work again. So at least I am not having a sleepless night but a working night. It's all in how one views things, particularly the way I view things. So we have an extra day. A friend forwarded me this email which I usually dislike and therefore delete but this morning, I  accidentally read it and it caught my attention. These are 5 questions on what to do with this extra day.

  1. What’s going well? (No, really. What can you celebrate?
  2. What are you trying to ignore? (That irritating stuff that you’re tolerating.  Or that call to Great Work that’s making your palms sweat?)
  3. What’s boring you? (”Comfort is boredom with good PR.”)
  4. How do you want to be remembered? (What’s the ending you want to write for your life?
  5. Who do you love? (And why aren’t you spending more time with these people?)

Have to give these away yet:


Steve E said...

OMG, you were too much! You really were! AAARRGGGG-PFFFT!

Nobody is "too much" but we will say that, nonetheless. And believe it. And know it.

As I look in the mirror, I realize I'm not the only would-be perfectionist. Sooner or later I find that is my false humility or super ego, whichever. And lo-and-behold, underneath all this crap of mine...there it is--grin! I AM HUMAN!
Well, doggone.

Whatever you decide Ces, whatever God has for you to do, you've probably already done it.

I'm wondering...did OTHER great artists in history really ever simply STOP?

I'm thinking Beethoven (of course--grin!), who at his last breath, raised his fist at the thunderstorm outside, as if to say, "You cannot have me yet. I've got more notes, more tunes, more to say musically more love to give, more words to write, more passion to expel upon the world..."

Realizing you are a 'big girl' and do not seek advice, I have none, but I WILL say this: "

For you to stop/quit what you do, sharing your writing and art, would be like turning off the Mississippi from pouring into the Gulf of Mexico!!!"

This comment is written in as much honesty as I have and with LOVE and
Steve E

PS After reading this BLONG comment, please don't turn off comments for other people. Just tell me to stay away, OK? (No, I'm not that important heheh! Pffft...


Steve E said...

Also I love "Black Oak"...but even better with a "Lucky ole sun, with nothin' to do, but roll around heaven all day"--or it's reflection at night!

Ces said...

You are actually too quick. I wrote this while working last night and I let my guard down. So you are lucky you read it for I decided that people should be answering these questions, not me. I bore myself. Pfft!

illustration poetry said...

sorry for my absence, i havent been well

illustration poetry said...

oh Black Oak!!!
now you are making me smile... TSUP!

Who do you love?
- my family.
And why aren’t you spending more time with these people?
- because they live far away from me.

illustration poetry said...

i love you too, Grandewitch!
and sometimes we spend time watching the sky outside your window!!!


Bella Sinclair said...

Good grief. She's finally done it. It's completely and utterly saturated with ink.

Bella Sinclair said...

Listen to Eps II. She is wise. Plus she knows some kick-ass words.

Bella Sinclair said...


Ces said...

Dearest Mita, I hope you feel better soon. I missed you terribly. However, these bouts of un-wellness bring out the genius in you. I did not know there are canvases of broken hearts. How perfect is that for your sensitive soul and mine. I just sent an order for ten and a huge Bristol Board with a giant gashed heart. You liberate me and make me honest. Thank you very much. Now be well because we have many beautiful and honest pictures to paint, still and many grey skies and clouds to wish upon. I love you,

I know you love your family very much. I just knew that. I hope they are well. Tsup!

Curious Art said...

Ah, black oak, you sly thing! Sometimes it is healthy to "maintain radio silence" for a bit... do what you need to do, but I hope your drawings return soon.

Ces, are you really coming to Asheville!!?? I'm in Raleigh... did you know our city's nickname is City of Oaks? And every New Year we drop a giant metal acorn? (This is 100% true. Look it up if you don't believe me. It lives in a city park between drops.) Surely that's worth a quick visit? Well, even if we can't meet in person I think I'll feel the warm Ces vibrations radiating through the state.

Ces said...

I love the Carolinas. Do you know that is where I truly got to know oaks and fell in love with them? My family was visiting my in-laws and their home is surrounded by a tree preserve. We visit every spring and summer after they moved from Sarasota, sometimes in the fall. Mom was sick with cancer then. She was a beautiful and wonderful woman. My FIL is still there. We visit him. I have SILs there too. One lives in Cary and another in Greenville. The Cary SIL is an artist, terrific color pencil artist and quite wonderful. I adore her company. We will definitely go to Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains. I believe you. I also know that North and South Carolina have the most concentration of oak trees in the US. I do not know how far Asheville is from Raleigh. We go there for a day from South Carolina to have lunch. I will be so honored to meet you, Oh my gosh! I will be a nervous wreck meeting a master.

Curious Art said...

Raleigh's pretty far from Asheville, about 250 miles, but just an acorn's throw from Cary... When will you be in NC? Maybe we're en route from SC depending on which way you're coming. It would be amazing to see you!

Curious Art said...

Keep me posted on your plans-- I don't know if I could make it to Asheville, depending on the timing, but I would surely love to meet if we can work it out!

Ted Blackman said...

Hey Ces, don't know why I never mentioned this before, but my hometown in Chico, California had the largest oak tree in the world (at least until they discovered that it was in fact two large oak trees that had grown together a thousand years ago). It was huge and called the Hooker Oak, and when it was struck by lightning in the early 60s it split in half, then sadly in the 70s it fell over after heavy rains. That's when they discovered that it was in fact two oak trees merged. There were plenty of postcards made of it. Maybe I can find one to send you. What's more, Bidwell Park in my hometown was where the exterior shots were filmed for the 1938 Robin Hood movie with Errol Flynn, because of all the large oak trees.

It's a small oak tree world isn't it?

k.h.whitaker said...

wow, black oak ;) very, very black oak!

k.h.whitaker said...

1) Myles is doing super great with cane training and braille!!! He has excellent teachers.
2) one child's tendency to repeat past mistakes
3) never bored
4) for being kind
5) my family, I spend everyday with them, except for one of my daughters and my sister whom I miss terribly, but they are both too far away :(