Farm Logo Drawing Practice

No kidding! I am practicing drawing a commission I agreed to do. My client is very patient... she has been waiting for two years!

I have been struggling to do it. But I got a break today. My friend told me to imagine the children as the people I love, holding the basket of vegetables.
Ooooooh! I needed that!

I came home after a grueling day at the office and actually sat down to draw.
But first I had to listen to music.

I am coughing my lungs out and my eyeballs are bugging out but I am drinking coffee from a white Fiesta mug,

and in half an hour I have a date with a very handsome man with a beautiful chest.
He is taking me to a Don Williams concert.
I just hope I get to hear the music because I am drugging myself with cough suppressant,

I will be so groggy,
I wonder if he will take advantage of me...

Okay, the farm logo will not be of a gigolo and a rhino,
I promise.


faerwillow said...

~a Gigolo and a rhino!?! i do wonder where you mind travels throughout he day...can't stop laughing at the moment and my little is begging my why mama...whats so funny!?!?...wishing you were feeling better...healing blessings to you...maybe you should keep a distant from that beautiful chested man...could be trouble if he tries to make a move...reaping the not so good consequences...good luck staying focued on your farm work and have a wonderful time at your concert! much l♥ve and light upon you and yours~

Loni Edwards said...

Hope you feel better soon Ces! Enjoy the concert and good luck with the farm work project. Think veggies not gigolos! :)

Manon Doyle said...

Better late than never...I say! Two months...two years...your client will be thrilled with her new piece.

Are you still sick? I hope you're getting better.
I have not drawn a thing in a week. I'm getting ready for a challenge that I signed myself up for...ugh!

have fun at the concert, sisterfriend!!

Amalia K said...

Two years, huh? Is your client Yoda?
Hehe, just kidding...

Well, I kinda like Mr. Gigolo and his rhino there... Maybe this could be a groovy cool happening sorta farm. You know, with bouncers and ID checks at entrance?

I know. Not funny, Amalia. So I'll shut up now.

See ya, chuck! (^-^)

Amalia K said...
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Ces said...

Oooooooooohhh! what a great concert!!! I have to tell you more about it but at the concert The Viking and I saw a friend of ours whom we have not seen in 16 years. I know, we live in the same city but oh well, it's a huge city. Anyway, what a lovely night.

Yes! yes! Faerwillow, what a great combination, huh? Hahhaha! Thank you.

Thank you Loni. I know, but gigolos eat vegetables too!

Manon, yes, still with cough, probably bronchitis now...I had a great time!

Hello Amalia. Hahahaha! You are so funny. No, it's not Yoda but she has the patience of Yoda.

Jan said...

What Gigolo? That looks like what I wear when I do my farm work;-)

Deborah said...

How did the evening turn out???? Was he a cad??? Oh I do hope so! I hope you are feeling better. I have missed a lot on the blogs in a few days. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the whimsy of this piece...the fashionista and the rhino. **kisses** Deb