Oink Oink Thank You Oh Banana Abaca!

A Pig Visiting A Small Grove of Musa Textilis. Permanent Pigment Ink on 12"x9" Bristol Board. Double click image to enlarge. Musa textilis or abaca is a member of the banana family and without the fruit, it may be easily mistaken as a regular banana plant. It is indigenous to the Philippines. The plant is unlike other banana plants with its characteristic slender and pointed leaves. The fruits are full of large seeds and not practical for consumption but the abaca is a versatile plant used for hemp and cordage (Manila hemp), furniture and specialized paper used for tea and coffee bags, sausage casing paper, currency notes, cigarette filter papers, medical food preparation and disposal papers and high-quality writing paper. The original Manila folders and envelopes were originally made of abaca hemp. Today's Manila envelopes and folders are manufactured elsewhere using cheap and easily torn paper. The abaca plant consists of about 12 to 30 stalks radiating from a central root system and about 12 to 20 feet high. The abaca fiber is stripped from the stem not the leaf.

Do you know that the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano in Iceland has been erupting since March 26, 2010? The eruption creates pollutants (sulfuric acid) but volcanic eruptions cool down the earth's atmosphere and create the most beautiful skies. You may check my sidebar for the Natural Hazards link.

Okay! I am off to do some oil paintings but first a load of laundry and a quick one hour drawing to exercise my brain. In the past I use to paint still life oil paintings of Fiesta dishes for exercise but now I exercise with pen and ink drawings. I am drawing The Typhoon Queen. Her name is Bagyo-Bagyo which is the tenth month of the calendar in the Hiligaynon language:

Month - Bulan (meaning month or moon) in Ilonggo which is the conversational version of the language heavily influenced by Spanish and Hiligaynon which is the pure language:

January - Enero; Ulalong
February - Pebrero; Gagangkahoy
March - Marso; Dagangbulan
April - Abril; Kiling
May - Mayo; Himabuyan
June - Hunio; Kabay
July - Hulio; Hidapdapan
August - Agosto; Lubad-lubad
September - Septiyembre; Kangurolsol
October - Oktubre; Bagyo-bagyo
November - Nobiyembre; Panglot-diotay
December - Desiyembre; Panglot-daku


Manon Doyle said...

Hello Ces!! Your illustration is gorgeous!! I came here today and I take away so many things I never knew. Your FPOT always impresses me with your wealth of knowledge. You are my very smart twin sisterfriend!

Bella Sinclair said...

I am bananananananananananas for your bananananananananananas! Such beautiful hint of shading on the grass, too. Oink Oink Oink! Oh! And thanks for the lesson on the Manila folders and envelopes. I did not about their origin! You are always so full of information.

Jan said...

I feel like such a slug when I see all the wonderful art work you produce while also having an outside job plus running your household and raising kids. I am too distracted lately. Your work astounds and inspires me. Thanks, Ces.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ces, as quickly as you do drawings and spout knowledge, I am sure your are (in the most complementary of meanings) the Typhoon Queen! You send art and wisdom where ever you land and leave us all agog and whirling!
Have a good weekend!!!


Karin Bartimole said...

fascinating lesson on the Musa Testilis Ces!! Your drawing is fabulous, as always. Also interesting about the volcano, which I could never pronounce in a million years - let alone spell!

I'm with Jan - how do you create with such abundance, and so beautifully?! I need to crack my own whip, or somethin'

Susan said...

Hi Ces! What a gorgeous drawing as usual, I love your attention to detail and your wonderful wealth of information. I love to learn new things and am never disappointed any time I visit here. Not sure if you got the email I sent, but just in case you didn't I wanted to thank you profusely for the awesome Deborah award - I'm not sure if I'm really deserving of it, but I will accept it proudly and humbly. I read the history and it is incredible. As soon as I get a change I will visit Deborah again too, what an amazing woman. I'm still pretty stressed out over here, but am trying - I just still can't visit as much as I'd like, but hopefully things will be a bit more normal in a few weeks.

Again I thank you for such an honor and I will display this proudly and pass it along soon.

Thanks again and enjoy your weekend, Susan

BT said...

Oh I just love that cute pig and the tree too. I was interested to know about the manila folders and envelopes. I hope you enjoyed your hour's drawing and look forward to seeing the result. xxx

Tammie said...

bananas have so many gifts
that volcano, wowzers!
your art as always is wonderful!

Poetic Artist said...

Hi Ces! I do like your illustration. You do tell the most interesting things.. How do you have so much knowledge? Tomorrow is Sunday, is it really true about Painting on Sunday or do you sneak and paint on other days too? LOL..

audrey said...

Ces....another wonderful drawing! This is a beautiful banana tree and your pigs are always great!
I enjoyed reading the information you supplied us with - interesting!

Do you have some special secret? Just how do you manage to fit 24 hours into a 12 hour day and accomplish SO much and have a sense of humor, too??? You must have some kind of super powers.

Great drawing, Ces. I am eager to see what's next in the ever exciting life of Ces.
♥ audrey

Diana Evans said...

oh I love it...it must be Spring...your blog is so bright now!!! I love the changes CES!!!!


Silke said...

You know, Ces, there are some days you simply intimidate me with your vast stores of information in your pretty FPOT! You remind me of Daniel that way - the things he know about - I still get surprised after all these years... Your drawing is exquisite. Can I just say that I love your piggies... Oink, oink and TSUP! Silke

Amy C said...

what a beautiful plant and stunning drawing and oh such a cute piggy.
I always wondered why those envelopes are called 'Manila' and yes they really do rip far too easily.

Bella Sinclair said...

Good morning, Chiquita. How is your ink tempest? You must be summoning her. I'm getting ready to meet with my "fiend" as you put it. Hahaha! Okay, taking off soon. Have a wonderful afternoon amidst the fragrance of lovely detergent and clean clothes. Tusperoo!

Ces said...

Hah! Good morning Beautiful! As you say so. Have fun and stay close to the GPS.

I have decided not to paint. I have decided to draw a series called the Las Hijas de Senora Phenomena Naturale viuda de Disastre. I can't wait for "Buhawi" (Cyclone) because I will model her after me since I am "air Gemini". But think of her sisters Drought, Earthquake, Tsunami, Flood, Volcanic Eruption... Oooh!

Eat a dumpling for me.


Ces said...

Thank you very much friends.

Manon, just a few facts about a banan plant. Hehe!

Bella, yes, I am full of it. Ha!

Jan, you certainly don't look like a slug! No way!

Anne, maybe. I would like to be "Buhawi" or cyclone.

But Karin You are prolific!

Susan, no pressure on the awards distribution. They are yours and distribute them as you please.

Hi BT. I ended up drawing all evening and today too.

Thank you Tammie. Amazing that volcano, indeed.

Katelen, I decided to do a drawing series instead.

Hi Audrey, no secret. I just draw a lot.

Diana, yes. It's bright in here. I need my sunglasses!

Oh no, you don't. Don't you dare be intimated by me Silke. It's just a banana.

Yes Amy. The present-day Manila folders and envelopes that rip easily are made in China. They should be called China folders or China envelopes..

Manon Doyle said...

So Ces...... I tried to comment on your new post up there but your comment section was not on. I see your brewing up a storm. Love it!! My god .... your so talented. I can't believe how fast you illustrate these. Wowza!! Can i borrow your FPOT for next weekend? I promise to return it promptly!!

Ces said...

Hi Manon:

I just got back in front of the 'puter and just posted a new post. Yes. No comment on that one while I cope with previous comments and visit everyone. HAHAHA!

How are you today? We had a storm here this morning - a perfect backdrop for what I was drawing.

Hope all is well with you dearest twin sisterfriend. You don't need to borrow my FPOT. Yours is perfect. It is intelligent, smart and encased in a beautiful cranium with a lovely face.

audrey said...

I give up. What is an FPOT?

Deborah said...

Oh banana trees!!! We just got one yesterday. Apparently if we plant it in the shade of the Queen Palm, it will grow in the desert. I am quite excited and it and your new piece. I did not get a pig, however.

No comment link for the above, but what an exciting idea! She is wonderful. **kisskiss** Deb

Bella Sinclair said...

I am back!

Oh, she is coming along so beautifully! I have a friend with the surname Flood.

I am eager to see Bulcana.

May your pens always flow and may your tips never smush flat.

Ces said...

Hello Audrey, FPOT is a study guide. It stand for the lobes of the brain.

Oh my! Deborah went out this evening to play! Yay!

Hello welcome back. Where have you been? I miss you very much. Hehe!

Caroline said...

Fascinating post! I do love your banana trees and piggies! Also can't wait to see your new series!

lakhsmita indira said...

i missed this!!!!
i am having a headache while you are oinking... :D

i love you Ces
and i love hearing January-Enero-Ulalong

lakhsmita indira said...

Las Hijas de Señora Phenomena Naturale viuda de Disastre....

you are terrible and i miss you so much!

lakhsmita indira said...

why is everything so white here?

oh no...
am i seeing heaven...?

am just having a headache, a bad bad bad one, am so not going to die now...

lakhsmita indira said...

will Supernova be one of the daughters?

just asking...

lakhsmita indira said...

a headache and a fever, i mean.

im leaving now.
i'll see you later, ok.

misssssss youuuuuuuuuu!!!!!


Ces said...

Thank you Caroline.

Mita, my blog is not heaven. I am glad to see you. I have your headache now. I wanted to stay in bed but I drugged and dragged myself. These are disasters with which I am familiar. I have never experienced a Supernova. Isn't she an American Idol singing contestant? Have a great day. Tsup!

Deborah said...

Oh my Cesalicious, I had to stop by and tell you how much I love your gift to little Madi. Deeeelightful. You are simply The Best. Ever.
**blows kisses** Deb

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Hola, querida Ces!
How fascinating about the manila envelopes. I didn't know any of that but now that you've explained it I do remember my dad having some manila envelopes reinforced with a fibre of some sort. As you say, far superior to the regular manila type today. Your drawing is wonderful - you somehow manage with your ink drawings to be botanically realistic and playful at the same time.
Regarding your more recent post from Sunday, I can well understand why you're thinking of Las Hijas de la Señora Phenomena Naturale. There have been so many in recent years. At present most of Europe is a 'No Fly' zone - no planes at all. Let's hope the eruption stops sooner rather than later.
Have a lovely week,
Janice. x