Ces's 2009 Annual Blog Awards - Part I

Since I started blogging, I have created special awards that I give to bloggers who have influenced and inspired me. These are not meme awards as I only give them once a year to a select few. In fact I have only given the "A Class By Itself Award" to one special blogger - Bird Anonymous.
I have only given this award once for the simple reason that it is so named. This year, I would like to present this award to four blogs whose authors not only have inspired me but have touched my heart and tickled my mind in a very special way. When you visit their blogs and read their visitors' comments you will understand what I mean.
They are truly a class by themselves!


The second award is one that I receive a couple of years ago from a wonderful artist and phenomenal woman, Carla Kurt. I am proud and honored to have been recognized by Carla. This year I am recreating this award. This is very special to me. I am using the image of a painting I made more than twenty five years ago to honor a woman was truly phenomenal, my beloved Mother. If you follow my blog and have read about my mother, you will also understand and know what I mean. I have followed these bloggers for quite sometime. They range in age and some are younger than me but nevertheless, I am awed by their wisdom, their strengths and courage, talents, gifts, abilities and the inspiration they give to others. They play many admirable roles and may be a mother, wife, grandmother, sister, homemaker, professional, business woman, dilettante, head of the family, conservationist, confidante, friend...but they have one thing in common: they inspire me:


To all my other blog friends, I hope to get to know you better through your blogs, until then, have fun!

Part II coming up soon...
If you see me lurking, it's because of these:

Anon was the 2007 recipient. You could be next!


Baino said...

Wow! Very honoured thank you Ces, you're very sweet, prolific and inspiring yourself!

Pam said...

How honoured am I!! I accept this wonderful award on behalf of the fairer sex! What fun Ces!Nice to be recognized for our many roles!I had a few posts of yours to catch up on.I found interesting your perspective on your role of sister and daughter. There is so much here of interest on your blog with your life and artistic interpretation of it.Thank you for sharing such insights...oh, and awards!xxx

Snowbrush said...

The only name I recognize is Renee, but I'll be looking the others up.

BT said...

Oh Ces, I am so honoured to receive this wonderful award. I love love that painting too. It's beautiful, I would like it on my wall. I'm not clever enough to make an award yet. One day maybe.
Your blog deserves 100 awards. How about the 'Ces-sational Award'? I like that. Just need someone to design it for you!

Ces said...

Baino, thanks but this is for you, not me. Besides I get to have 100% pleasure in giving them.

Hello Pam. Thank you I am glad you find my ramblings interesting. Just me talking again...Congratulations. You deserve this award very much!

Snowbrush, you may get to know the others soon enough. I think you will like them. Thanks for stopping by.

Hello BT. I am so thrilled that you like your award. It is my pleasure to give it to you. You make me smile every time you post about your garden. My Mother was an avid gardener. She planted so many trees. She was a very productive woman and everything she touched grew, bloomed or bore fruits.Some of them keep giving fruits to this day.
She planted a fortune plant that was 6 inches long and now towers about fifty feet.

Bella Sinclair said...

Yowza! I keep falling off my chair! You've knocked the wind out of me. Or maybe it's the size of my head.

I am so not worthy, my dear Ces, but I am terribly, terribly honored. To be inducted to such an exclusive and amazing class of people....it's just incredible. And to even stand in your mother's shadow is a great privilege. Thank you, thank you a thousand times. You already ate half my brain, you definitely have my heart, too.

Ces said...

AW!!! TOKU TOKU! Thank you for offering your heart but I don't eat internal organs. HEEEEYIKES! Bella, you deserve this awards. You are most worthy. You deserve every award I can think of. You have inspired me to paint once again althoug, my recent output seems to be a regurgitation of something sinister that has been occupying half my brain which is actually yours, since I only had half and you gave me half of yours...hmn, does that make any sense. Anyway, you make blogging so much fun! Thank you.

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Very nice way to honor special blogger friends.

Ces said...

Lizzy, indeed. I always find giving awrds more fun that receiving them. I get so tickled.

Renee said...

Ces your award that was brought on by the love you have for your mother is one with my Renee Award and Shining Light Award. I feel so blessed to have those three.

The painting on your award is so beautiful and Ces, I am so honoured. After hearing of the love you have for your mother I wish I could send you the stars and if not the stars something even better. A dream of your mother in the upcoming weeks.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Bella Sinclair said...

I fear the sinister paintings are coming from my half of your brain. Fear not, they will be purged soon enough. I had limited capacity in that half.

Renee said...

Ces, now that I have my shit together I have come back.

The phenomenal award with your mother connection has touched my heart big time.

I keep playing over and over in my head when your Mom was in the hospital. Okay, I'm losing it again........

Anyway, I love you and I love you Mom because I know that she was brilliant and kind and caring and loyal and wonderful because she left behind her daughter who is all those things too.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Arija said...

My dear, I am bereft of speech with tears in my eyes...thamk you.

Ces said...

I have not been blogging much today. (Really?). I spent the last two hours reading my diary when I went home to take care of my Mother before she died. Oh. I am so blessed. Take the award please. You all deserve it. You are all good women and you have been kind to me. It seems nuts we don't even know how each of us look like in person and I have this affinity with you. It's nuts. A nice way of being nutty. Thank you for all the kind words and gesture of goodwill.

Bella Sinclair said...

I think that is the best way to spend Easter, with your mother. If you feel something warm in the next few minutes, that would be me, wrapping my arms around you. Sleep well tonight.

Diana Evans said...

oh how sweet of you CES!!! you have touched my heart with your kind words....I am so honored to be given this wonderful award...and feel so blessed to have met you....you are all of these things and more to many of us....I love your painting....it is beautiful and your wonderful way of putting words together means so much!!!

Thank you for being you and for always making my day!!!


Ces said...


Ces said...

Hello beautiful. Nice yo see your pretty face tonight. Did you bring me a zero calorie cupcake? Of course they are zero calories because they are virtual cupcakes for now. Thank you Diana and hey girl, the awrd is yours. You are awesome, Cole is a lucky boy.

aimee said...

you are a sweetheart and i adore your witty comments on my blog, ces! and i am nuts over your new blog header - it looks like blue glass, one of my favorite things in the world.

linda cardina said...

Hi Ces! just got your sweet comment..i hope you had a wonderful easter. we traveled to visit my large family. had a great time but came back 10lbs heavier. UGH! my little italian momma always force feed us.. hehee. never has to twist my arm tho...haha.

hope u are well.