May I Please Introduce Ms. Wellesley

Ballpoint Pen on Moleskine Ruled Notebook

I am sorry for the abrupt departure. I am unable to sustain my blog as it was. It took a lot of time away from my roles and responsibilities as a wife, mother, friend, neighbor, painter, chef, laundry woman, housekeeper, hostess…you get the point.

I am keeping my web address because last night after I deleted my web page it immediately became available and could have been grabbed by anyone. I don’t think it’s that popular of an address but I did not want my cousin in La Carlota City searching for “Ces and Her Dishes” and finding something inappropriate. However, I need to change the title and I don't know what to call this blog yet. Maybe you can help me give it a new title.

I am not going to talk about dishes, gush over our family pet rabbit, post photographs (with a few exceptions), talk about polarizing topics, at least not me. Instead, I am going to let Ms. Wellesley do the talking. Ms. Wellesley is a sweet young woman (at least she thinks she is young) who is very impatient but is forced, have been forced, will be forced to patiently WAIT. That’s all she does. She waits. She appears in waiting rooms like her opthalmologist’s waiting room, her gynecologist’s waiting room, long queues and sometimes just waiting for her family to get ready. She waits and waits. Once she waited for 23 hours at the hospital and when she was discharged, she had accumulated a $13,000.00 medical bill and a lot of aggravation.

Ms. Wellesley lives in a Moleskine ® notebook since the year 2003. She has a very long name. She loves shoes. She is a smart woman but sometimes she says stupid things, especially to people very close to her. She also swears, though in silence. She does not like blogs with swear words. She pretends not to care, but she really does. She has been waiting for three years…

With Ms. Wellesley I hope to be able to post entries for Illustration Friday which I signed up to join last year, that is if I can figure out the technical links.

Isabella, Living In A Vicarious World


Menchie said...

Ok! Ok! I get it.

*wipes forehead* at least you'll still be around.

Ces said...

Wellesley waits. She has been waiting since 2003. Who knows she will get tired of the limelight? She is very private.

andrea said...

I getcha loud and clear. My blog has always been a precarious balancing act and an often thinly-veiled object of distraction. And good for you for keeping your URL. My blog started out with a different URL but I changed it because I was attempting to retain some anonymity (it didn't work), and so I regretted it. Within hours http://andreapratt.blogspot.com was grabbed by some unethical party! (They can keep it.) I am now subscribed to your paintign blog so I hope you'll keep us entertained -- just not so frequebtly or in such depth. (sigh)

Menchie said...

I am sure I will. She looks really cool and she loves shoes! :D

Caroline said...

I think.
But I will miss your rabbit.
I think this is ok.
ok then.
*a sigh is heard from the UK*
KJ is right.


Welcome Ms. Wellesley! You will have a hard time replacing irreplacable Ces, but we will give you a try ;)

Hey Ces, I know what you mean. Blogging is taking away a lot of time and sometimes its a wonderful tool of procrastination. Also I suppose it wears out after a certain period of time. As you may have noticed I am struggling with my blog as well - even that I was never such a detailed poster.

I am glad you don´t just vanish. I remember it was sad and odd when Andrea did. If you start reading someones blog and like it, you also develop a bond and want to know if someone at least is well.

Ces said...

Again, I am sorry for upsetting my blogger friends.

Andrea, thanks for understanding. I started to feel the pressure when my daughter started joking that I should have named her "Em.com." I do feel horrible about it now. I should have warned everyone. But oh, I am so tempestuous, so sudden, so final sometimes.

Menchie I am sure the shoes alone will keep you entertained.

Caroline, I promise to make it up to you.

Cristosova, thanks for understanding. I don't think Ms. Wellesley will post intellectual musings like your Loontown Tinies. I do remember Andrea Edwards and I was upset by it. I felt better after I found her in my Fiestaware collectors' message board.

Sue aka MsCreativity :-) said...

Oh my, I really shouldn't go MIA for so long...

Ces, Caroline is right, there's a definite sigh to be heard from the UK.

I'm going to miss the old 'Ces And Her Dishes', but thank you for warning us and not doing a disappearing act.

Offering a warm welcome to
Ms. Wellesley.

Love & hugs,

Sue :-)

Melissa said...

Oooo, welcome Ms. Wellesley!!

Ces said...

Thank you Sue.

Melissa, I am not sure if I can pull this off. I am not a writer but I sure do daydream a lot.

Sidney said...

(A) sigh(s) is heard from the Philippines !!!!!!!!!!

Ces said...

Sidney, thank you so much for your support, vists and comments.

More than anything else, it's the comments I miss from my old blog.

Maria said...

huuuuwhatttt! did I read that right? you deleted your blog??? do you have a back up of all your posts though? grabe! you're blog wasn't just about you and your world, it was about your friendship across the world esp with KJ... if I were in that situation, I probably would cry for days, it's not so much as the posts but the comments I recvd. pls correct me if I'm wrong, I'm stressing here.

I'm liking Ms. Wellesley, though. I think she's cool. and I love, love the illustrations - haven't I said that enough?

Ces said...

YES! I deleted my blog: tempestuous, impulsive, temperamental act if you must call it and NO I did not have a backup. I am sick to my stomach - for days now - which is probably why my chest is hurting.

Fortunately, I am a lazy email administrator. The emails of comments to my posts are still there, not all. I left the really cute ones and sentimental ones - maybe foresight. YES foresight which I possess now and then about matter close to the heart.

My husband and children thought I was joking when I told them what I have done. They all expressed sadness.

Renee said...

Glad to meet you dear Isabella.