Don't Kill A Cockroach With A Shotgun

Ballpoint Pen on Moleskine Ruled Notebook

The world is full of pests. The most annoying are those orthopterous insects in the family Blattidae. They move their flattened bodies rapidly. They are supposed to be nocturnal but when she was a young woman Isabella saw them at her friends' apartments. They loved to appear during parties probably disturbed by the noise of the revelers and the smell of food.
That is why Isabella did not cook. She had an asthenic figure and had to buy her clothes in the Junior's department. She was a Size 0 and the adult section of her favorite apparel store started at Size 3.
So she ate at her friends' and they loved to dote on her because of her charming personality. She hated cockroaches. One flew smacked right into her ear one night when she was dating a young handsome man in the tropics where cockroaches flew and harassed people. She hates them with a passion.
And A Little Side Discussion:

"Don't kill a cockroach with a shotgun."
I said to my daughter one day.
She replied,
"Mommy, cockroaches don't have blood."
I replied,
"I know."
"Then where did the pool of blood come from?",
she asked.
I said
"Not from the cockroach."
Then I added,
"It's best to just squish them with your foot."

"Some solutions have a certain unexpected finality."


Sidney said...

I wouldn’t be able to squish a cockroach with my foot. Maybe I should try the shotgun!

Ces said...

Sidney, hopefully, one is wearing shoes! :-)

Cherry Rolfe said...

You have reminded me of my brother's horrible encounter. We were living in Singapore and had done a big shop, gone to the cinema, and arrived home in the dark and starving. To speed the unpacking process, my brother carried armfulls of shopping and hung a bag of sweets from his teeth. Yep! - when he dropped the pack onto the worktop, it had already been opened and inhabited, by three cockroaches!!Who was most shocked???

Marie said...

I enjoyed reading this but the very thought of cockroaches makes me ill. Yuck! I hate all creepy-crawlies and flying insects.

Caroline said...

Cockroaches can jump and they chase you. Terrifying things. A shotgun, after having dazed them with a broom. That's the solution.

Menchie said...

I was going to comment about the cockroach except I was distracted by what you put in the Labels. You made me laugh.

Back to the cockroach -- I'm usually the one that kills them (when there is one) using the hubby's slipper. Then it's his turn to clean the gooey mess up. Tee hee! Nice division of labor, right?

pieterbie said...

Cockroach is derived from the Spanish cucaracha.
I've always liked that word.
Don't like the roaches, though.
Think they are horrible.
They are condidered vermin, it seems that only of few of the more than 100 differen species fall in to that category. I should have a look in to that, wonder what the difference is exactly.

CSL said...

I had a bad roach expereince as a teenager working in fast food. Still make sme shudder.

And, hey, with this sketch are you sure you're not kin to Edward Gorey?

Ces said...

Cherry, I know the tropics is full of cockroaches but for them to be aggressive and in a hurry to inhabit fresh food says a lot. Maybe they were entrepreneur cockroaches! :-)

Marie, for a good reason. They are so nasty.

Caroline, your method will definitely kill it!

Menchie, thanks for noticing the labels. This post is a metaphor to the you know what I have done a few days ago.

Pieterbie, the Spanish word sounds better than the English word. For some reason, the Spanish term seems happier.

Oh, CSL that must have been terrible for you to still shudder from it. I can't help the transformation of my drawings. They are becoming a little gorey. Perhaps a happy illustration post is in order.

andrea said...

Hee hee. I'm with Isabella. Give me the biggest, nastiest snakes and spiders in your arsenal, but keep your cockroaches. Your jellyfish, too.

I agree with CSL. I think you're channeling Richard Gorey, too. Excellent.

Maria said...

bet you, Ms. W's shoes can squish a cockroach! look at how big they are... you must like shoes a lot. :)

Maria said...


let it go... you deleted it, live & learn. at least you still have some of the comments.

Hildegarde said...

Very funny text, great statements :-) I looked up the cockroach in google images, I forgot how they look exactly because I've never seen one IRL, (in psychology I learned a lot of experiments that used cockroaches) and OK I agree : they don't look cute and the text says that they smell.

Ces said...

Hildegarde, count yourself very lucky for never having seen a cockroach ever! They smell and they are very very very filthy!

CSL said...

Ces, I have read that Gorey was a very cheerful guy in person, so draw what you want. I like these skatches, and I'll keep visiting either way.

Ces said...

CSL, thanks. I am always glad to see your avatar on my blog.

Anonymous said...

My wife squishes'em with her strappy stilettos!
I lover it!