Their Mother's And Father's Eight Children

Their Mother's And Father's Eight Children
Once upon a time when I was a child and everything was perfect, I played with my five sisters and two brothers...
Pigment ink on 14"x17 Bristol Board

There is no greater blessing and a more desirable beginning in life for a child than to be born to a loving mother and father. The journey ahead is a series of adventures and struggles, of plans and surprises, joy and sadness,  happiness and pain, elation and sorrow, disappointments and contentment... an ebb and flow of highs and lows but always tempered and soothed by love. That is the premise of being a family. Sadly a family unit may end too soon or its equilibrium punctuated and jolted. So it rebuilds itself always with the goal of keeping and maintaining it as a source and refuge of love.


Rick Forrestal said...

Love is definitely the "family glue" that keeps things together.
As I've always taught my two daughters . . .
family is everything.

I like this drawing. Especially how everyone is bare footed, standing on the roots.

k.h.whitaker said...

oh, this is wonderlicious!!! I love it! I love their hair, their clothes, the dragonflies, the tree.... I love it all :D


Ted Blackman said...

Such a nice family. I would crawl up in the tree with them if they'd have me.

dosankodebbie said...

The hair and the flying insects are fabulous. I can feel the breeze! I can hear it too! All my senses are engaged by this painting.

Curious Art said...

That is the most beautiful family tree I've ever seen!

Lisa Graham said...

There is not stronger pull and bond than that of family. This is such a beautiful family portrait! It makes me think of where I came from...there were six of us and a set of twins in there too. My mother was a busy woman. But not as busy as my friend's mother who had 15 children. Can you imagine? 15!!! They must forget each others names.

Thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog anniversary post. :) BIG SMILES and BIG HUGS.

steveroni said...

AND I love even more the MESSAGE this wonderful drawing represents.
Only one problem: How did "Li'l Girl Injun" git a'holt of my own
personal SLING SHOT?

My really good (serious) comment is on the other side of the world in your Face Book Page.

Carry on, Sergeant!