June 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Inday Frey! I love you. Tsup!!!

Check out my sisterfriend's Birthday Greeting here
I just love Bella Sinclair and her art!!! 
Thank you. 

June 2, 2012

Saturday is laundry day, but I have been commanded not to do any laundry because it is my birthday. So I have to do it tomorrow when I am on call. Hah! Same difference. However, I have been requested to cook spaghetti. Hahahaha!

The other day I noticed some bruises on a fellow analyst's scalp. I asked him what happened and he told me that he bumped his head against the concrete wall while climbing the garage stairs. I asked him if he was okay making sure he did not have a concussion and to watch out for symptoms of blunt head injury. I told him that I fell in front of the corporate building last month and busted my knees. He thinks that because we work with computers so much that our visual perspectives are altered. Maybe.  I just think mine is due to old age. I draw and paint and it is important that I capture and create perspectives on my drawings. Like this for example. Do you think I demonstrated depth here? Does this look flat? This is a portrait of my brother. I know. You say they are all plants. He will be in the drawing after it is finished.

My son is gardening. He came in and showed this to me:

He says it one of the most cruel things in nature.

It is a deposit of wasp eggs on a caterpillar. When the eggs hatch, they will eat the caterpillar or butterfly.

Today is Saturday. How's your Saturday going?


martinealison said...

Ah donc c'est le 2 juin ton anniversaire ma chère Ces ! Je t'ai envoyé une carte virtuelle, mais un peu tôt!!!
Alors je te fais de gros bisous à cette occasion sans oublier ta soeurette.

steveroni said...

At 5 AM I sit here with some spiritual feelings. Wishing you HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ces, brings momentarily sublime thoughts about your life, and what it means to many...everywhere. Your work, your works, and your enthusiasm for life, is attractive and inspiring.


H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y YOUNG PEEP! Your life has time for plenty more memories.

Tammie Lee said...

lovely birthday to you Ces
may your new year overflow with days that feel wonderful to you~

k.h.whitaker said...

love the picture Bella did of the two of you! it's fabulous! Happy Happy birthday to you and your sister.

Bella Sinclair said...

WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! Happiest of birthdays to you and your sister! Double love to both of you. I hope you suck down a very long noodle in a single gulp. I am having noodles for lunch in your honor. Oh my, I hope your brother does not mind that you vandalized one of his trees. And pleeeeeaaaaaase, did your son remove those eggs for the poor caterpillar?

Have a fantastic, chore-free, paint-filled, non-bruised day! TSUP TSUP!!!

k.h.whitaker said...

yes, did he remove the eggs? it is cruel :( I didn't even know that wasps did that though I'm sure that I probably should have known. So, you have taught me something new today. :D

Deborah said...

First, Happy Birthday! I was on time on Facebook! Second, eweeeeeeeweee, the caterpillar! YUCK.

As far as depth perception, I have never in my life fallen into a drawing or painting as I do with every single one of yours. So there goes his theory. Trying to crawl out of your forest right now! **kisskiss** Deb

illustration poetry said...

and happy belated birthday to you (and your sister), Grandewitch!!!!!
so you are a geminian, good i will draw a gemini for you!

Rod MacGregor said...

Hi Ces, Yes full of depth...I know you said it isn't finished, but I have to say that what attracts me to this drawing is the combination of finished/'unfinished' textures. (The leaves left in outline).Naughty wasps.....Happy Birthday!

Curious Art said...

Happy birthday Ces! I hope somebody else did the laundry & made the spaghetti & left you in peace to draw to your heart's content!

As to the wasp eggs, Nature is full of such cruel "gifts"-- cordyceps comes to mind--http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuKjBIBBAL8

Luckily Nature also provides plenty of pure & genuine delights-- may all your birthday gifts be the good kind!

Oh, & as to depth, your drawings & posts have loads of it in all sorts of ways!