Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Secret Society Of Oaks - No.11

Queen Nymph Marie!
Marie loves Halloween!
(and her Little Princess Grand Baby Madi who takes over her blog sometimes)


Did you ever have a friend who is quiet and does not make a whole lot of fuss, yet when you turn around she is there with a smile and what a comfort it is to see her. She’s the kind of friend who when you make an ass of yourself for example when you scream at your professor in front of the whole class, everybody else but your best friend abandons you and then you both walk out of the classroom and there she is waiting for you and your best friend and she asks, “are you okay?” and what a great comfort it is that she stayed behind. She is also the kind of friend who remembers your birthday and sends a birthday present but does not own up to it so you thank your other friends who may have pulled the stunt and they tell you they did not do it. I have a sisterfriend like that, always reliable and dependable, never attracting so much attention, never causing any problem but is always there to lend you a hand, comfort you, say something gentle, does not tell you she is having a tummy ache because you are so excited and so full of yourself that she smiles and listens to you and then you notice that something is amiss and you ask “are you okay?” and she replies “Oh I just have a little stomach upset.” You just want to envelop her in your love because she let you celebrate your joy first. She reminds you of the little things that mean a lot and reminds you to slow down and look around, be aware. And then you sit down with her and her sensible side contrasts your goofy side but she says something that sends you howling and cracking up and you do a double take, “did you say that?” When you finally slow down and listen, you find she is a lot of fun and she is funny. When you are tasked with a project and it’s time to build a team, you choose her because she is very good at what she does and is always positive. You can depend on her, which is why today I am talking about her because I just chose her, my dearest, sweetest Marie!

I want to see and touch Marie’s hands. I want to see the hands that create the most delicate, fine and refined whimsical clay sculptures. They are fantastic, beautiful, and I don’t know why, but I want to lick them. Yes, I licked Count Dracula’s fingers, that beautiful sculpture draping the bud vase you gave me for my birthday which you said came from Renee and Bella. Your work is top-notch! ,
Marie you are a beautiful soul! You are artistic, creative, inspirational, giving, loving and caring. You do it with quiet dignity. Please don’t leave my side, you make me look good and feel good, I hope I do the same for you. You are my dearest sisterfriend and I love you! Thank you very much for being my friend.